Medical Breakthrough! That means the end of COSTLY teeth whitening treatments...

Young Student Accidentally Discovers Secret Natural Ingredient That Removes Any Stain and Whitens Teeth in 10 Days or Less:

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This unique system that is guaranteed to bring amazing results fast and that will last for years. What makes it so UNIQUE?
  • This is an inexpensive way (just a few bucks) and you’ll have white teeth for the rest of your life.
  • Instead of harming your teeth and endangering their health by making them more sensitive and brittle, his system whitens your teeth through natural means that eliminate stains, instead of unsafe bleaching. That’s a huge difference!
  • It’s 100% natural, meaning it doesn’t pose any risks or dangers to the health of your teeth, or your body.
It’s really up to you if:

  • You want to have whiter, healthier teeth, for longer
  • You no longer want to feel embarrassed each time you open your mouth
  • You are sick and tired of seeing ugly yellow teeth in the mirror each morning
  • You want more success at work or in your personal relationships by having the perfect smile (which will give you more confidence and attractiveness)

This letter is probably the most important message  you have ever read regarding your oral health!  Make sure you don’t get distracted for the next 10 minutes and read his amazing story until the very end below:

The Problem…

During my college years I used to eat and drink a lot of junk… And after years of neglecting my teeth, they suddenly started to affect my day-to-day life. Gradually the stains on my teeth became worse(without me actually noticing), but I did start to notice that my friends were making sarcastic remarks about the color of my teeth, like: “What toothpaste are you using?” and “How much coffee are you drinking?”.

I realized that something wasn’t right. To be honest I felt embarrassed. So young, so full of life, but I couldn’t and wouldn’t let myself smile. It turned into a huge problem which affected my personal and professional life. I always avoided opening my mouth at work around bosses and even stopped dating girls for a while. I had a serious problem, that started to control my life.

The Research…

I wanted to whiten my teeth but wasn’t quite sure what product or company I was going to use. So I started doing some research and assessing the options. I subscribed to most of the forums out there and read all the information I could find. I discovered that traditional dentists aren’t the best way to whiten your teeth and I also found out that if you want to whiten your teeth, you should avoid gels and big name brand products out there because of the long term risks.

The big name brand products are too toxic and they harm the health of your teeth and it’s also common for people to report that their teeth are more sensitive after chemical teeth whitening.

If you have personally tried the gels and big brand quick fix treatments you probably know what I’m talking about. If not, don’t take my word for it, here are some opinions from popular forums:



The Tests…

Of course, I couldn’t rely only on what other people were saying so I decided to try them to form my own opinion, and I was desperate. I bought a few gels online and tested them all. But as I had read on a number of forums, the results were disappointing and well under my expectations. My teeth did get a few shades whiter- but they were very sensitive. I couldn’t even drink hot coffee or beer.

I even went to a dentist, but when I found how much it cost I, it was no longer an option. The price range was between $500 and $5000. I simply couldn’t afford it. So I was forced to look elsewhere and I turned to those toothpastes that are advertised all day long on TV and they definitely weren’t the answer.  Unfortunately I didn’t know the truth about those toothpastes at the time I tried them because if I did, I wouldn’t have used them.

If you want to know the naked truth behind these toothpastes? Check this link:

The breakthrough…

I did further research and discovered that ANYONE can whiten teeth naturally and safely for a lot cheaper and conveniently from the comfort of their home…

neem-treeThe breakthrough came when I discovered a little known Indian plant that is known by Ayurvedic Medicine Doctors in India to have amazing effects on teeth.

The Neem Tree from India has been called a miraculous healing herb and people in Asia, India and Africa have been using Neem tree twigs as tooth brushes for centuries preventing tooth decay and gum disease. The twigs contain ingredients helping with oral hygiene.

I started compiling information, saving it, and testing it out -and before I knew it I had a good chunk of information. Basically I had developed my own system for teeth whitening, based on this ancient Ayurvedic Indian techniques.

The Results…


After applying the techniques I couldn’t believe the results.  My teeth turned shiny white in no time at all and more importantly I did it naturally. My teeth feel great and now I can’t keep a smile off my face and with the help of this amazing teeth whitening system I’m sure anyone can do the same. Big celebrity endorsed companies charge an arm and a leg for their gels and toothpastes. But you don’t have to fall in their costly traps which end up doing more harm in the long run than good.

The good news is that I’ve proven time and time again that my 100% natural system works without the need to invest hundreds of dollars on gels or strips. As soon I outlined a system I tested it on my friends, relatives… basically on anyone who wanted fast results with just the cost of a few bucks (all the ingredients that I’m talking about can be found at your local store).

To my surprise, as I progressed with my research I discovered even more tricks for getting and keeping a perfectly white smile. Since I discovered these breakthroughs, my life has changed:

  • I’m “free” to smile whenever I want
  • My friends and colleagues are impressed with my new look (you know how important it is to be admired)
  • I don’t feel embarrassed anymore when I’m with my girlfriend
  • My confidence has sky rocketed

I’m a big fan of evaluating situations. So I designed a table outlining the benefits of using a 100% natural system to whiten your teeth versus conventional treatments:


teeth after


Eddys Velasquez showing off his white teeth after experiencing




We all want results that are quick, that have no side effects and don’t cost an arm and a leg.  High expectations are in our nature and nobody can blame us for that.  For these very reasons, my system is exactly what you are looking for:

  • It removes stains immediately (and removes any self-doubt)
  • The ingredients cost only a few dollars and are 100% natural (It wont break the bank)
  • Your teeth will be even stronger (no pain, no sensitivity, no worries)

Discover The System…

I’m not a dentist and I don’t give medical advice. If you have a serious problem with your teeth, I suggest you see a dentist. But if it’s a perfectly white smile you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter whether you found my website surfing on the internet, or through a friend… it really doesn’t matter. What matters now is you take advantage of this opportunity to finally get that beautiful smile you wanted.

A perfect smile can do wonders for your life. Just imagine how it will be to be admired everyday at work, at home or anywhere you go. Take it from me, it is so important for you to have self confidence, to avoid embarrassment where possible, along with the gossip behind your back. something like this will change your life!!… It did for me, and that’s why I want to share it…

Therefore, to help you get the perfect smile I created:

Whitening Teeth Secrets

All my knowledge, research and tests have been wrapped up into a UNIQUE system. My system is very easy to follow, and understand and it can be implemented in just a few minutes each day, and importantly the results speak for themselves.

Again, it delivers proven results and it really can make a huge difference to your life. All my “wisdom” is outlined in the system as follows:

Component #1 - Whitening Teeth Secrets Blueprint (44 easy to follow pages filled with high quality content, recipes, formulas and little known secrets)

Component #2- Three Videos (that will explain you thoroughly what you learn in the main blueprint plus a lot more added secrets)

Component #3 - Resource Report (a must have to start implementing everything fast and efficient)


In more details, here’s a taste of what you’re going to find inside:

  • Why our ancestors (and even some smart people today) are able to have perfect teeth even at 80… compared to children of today having a mouthful of cavities at early age (it will help you understand how to fix of it!)
  • The most powerful fruit when it comes to cleaning your teeth naturally (no toothpaste has the same effect and it will make you feel great)
  • Discover why toothpaste and mouthwash products stain teeth (and what you should look for on the labels if you want to separate the good from bad…)
  • Reveal another secret ingredient that is perfect to use with Neem (hint: this mix is the only product on the market today that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals)
  • Discover 9 quick teeth whitening secrets (that can be done by anyone at home at low cost) which are 100% guaranteed to change your teeth forever (you’ll be amazed with the results)
  • Those who want URGENT results: ATTENTION! Get in touch with the advanced system that brings incredible results after 6-20 days (you’ll discover the exact formula…with ingredients and everything…and the steps you need to take)
  • The 12 steps you need to follow each day of your advanced whitening process (make sure you wont skip any)
  • How to use the Neem powder and why this needs to replace your toothpaste immediately (this alone strengthens teeth and begins the whitening process)



  • Find out about the 9 elements (that can be found even in your kitchen) which will do wonders for your teeth.
  • The truth about why acidic food is bad and alkaline food is good for your teeth. Learn how to avoid the bad foods and increase the good foods.
  • Astonishing! At page 14 I’m going to show you the 8 categories of foods that will make your life hell if you continue to eat them (You really got to see this!)
  • Discover the most important thing you need to avoid putting on your teeth(99% of toothpastes on the market contain it). Ignore this and you will watch your teeth rot.
  • The real reason (I call it “conspiracy”) why you get stains and yellow teeth
  • Learn about the real cause of cavities (no, it’s not sugar or candies)… and how you can solve this problem with a simple little switch.
  • Discover the secret of how to whiten your teeth from home for far less than any other teeth whitening product… which is 100% natural and will put the smile back on your face)
  • Plus a lot more secrets that will make your friends jealous of your smile…

How Can You Get “Whitening Teeth Secrets” Now?

Good question… You can have everything on your computer in a matter of MINUTES. My products are in electronic format (pdf, video) that can be downloaded immediately. That means that starting tomorrow you can begin the teeth whitening process and in just a few days you can start to see results.

That is a really good news, isn’t it?

The thing is that I spent at least 500 hours putting everything together and I spent thousands of dollars with all the experiments I conducted. For this reason and because I want you to perceive this as extremely valuable for the health of your teeth, I’ll  provide you with more than a fair price!

You can have everything: the main ebook, the 3 videos (more than an hour and a half), plus the recourses PDF at the incredible price of $67. This is a small investment considering how much you’re saving.

Dentists charge thousands of dollars…
Teeth Whitening Kits cost hundreds of dollars… and it’s unhealthy for you and make’s your teeth sensitive….

updateSince my website has just been launched I have decided to come with an INTRODUCTORY DISCOUNT: Therefore for the next 100 copies my system it will only cost $37!


…and that is not all… Let me tell you this one more time:

My pledge to you:

money-back-guarantee“If in the next 60 days after you complete the purchase you are not satisfied with the results, you’ll get all your money back. No question asked!

This is the fair way to do business. You get my package, you try it, you decide if you’re happy with the results and you either send me a “thank you” email…or you ask for a refund.


Important Info About Refunds: 

  • The refunds process works automatically meaning that all you have to do is to forward the sale receipt email to an email address (I’ll send it to you) and you’ll get the money back instantly.
  • The merchant (the virtual “cred card processor” ) does the refund. This means that I cannot interfere with the process, therefore you don’t have to be afraid that I wont answer emails or something.
  • You can ask for your money back within 60 days from your purchase.

Of course, I’m sure that you’ll be very happy with my product and you’ll have tremendous results…but I wanted to be fair with you straight from the beginning.

What To Do Next?

Step # 1 - Click any of the signup links and fill in your personal data on the next page. You’ll be lead to a secure page where you can order safely.

Step #2 - You’ll receive the membership page within a few minutes after purchase through email. Download everything, read the ebook first, and then watch the videos.

Step #3- Tomorrow start implementing what I’m teaching you. It will be fun and easy.

Step #4 - Wait a few days and you’ll see the results. You’ll enjoy looking in the mirror again, going out with your friends or your soul mate… and even smiling at your boss. Your confidence will skyrocket!

Step #5 - Send me a “thank you” email and tell me your story. I’ll publish it here on my site, with your permission of course :)

Final word…

It’s time to take what’s yours and get your beautiful smile back. Act now and give yourself a chance…a natural chance for getting that perfect smile you have always dreamed about.

This letter is not about me or about my product. This letter is about you…about removing the embarrassment and regaining the pearly white confident smile again! Don’t waste this chance.

For a beautiful smile,


Whiten My Teeth Quickly Safely And Naturally For Only $37!

(A small price for a radiant smile!)

David Benjamin

PS: Please remember that $37 is only for a limited period time so you need to act now. Delaying now will cost you an extra $50 tomorrow…

PPS: Ask yourself this “What if this is the real deal? What if my teeth will be white again and will last for years? Do yourself a favor and decide what is best for your dental health. Remember, you’re protected by the no risk guarantee… Just click the “order now button” below when you’re ready to order…

in case you have any questions, feel free to write to me at
support [at] whiteningteethsecrets [dot] com